• 20 March 2013 : Haynesville Shale Nat. Gas Production Slated to Decline
    As anticipated, the decline in Haynesville Shale natural gas volumes is now clearly visible in EIA 914 production data. The graph below shows EIA gross natural gas withdrawals data for Louisiana, which are largely driven by production from the Haynesville. Based on Zeits Energy Analytics' model, the data would be [More...]

  • 18 February 2013 : Canadian Encana, Moving Rigs Back into Haynesville
    After pulling its drilling rigs out of Louisiana's Haynesville Shale because of high service costs for half of 2012, Canadian independent Encana is coming back to the play, the company revealed in an earnings announcement Thursday. Encana has two rigs operating in the Haynesville, the company said, with plans to increase [More...]

  • 13 February 2013 : Shale Gas Really Pays Off
    Chesapeake Energy Corporation will present the Bossier Parish Police Jury today with $1,029,716.21 in property tax payments due to natural gas and oil development. “Natural gas development means more jobs, and Chesapeake is proud to contribute to Louisiana's economy through tax payments that provide funds for schools, hospitals and road and [More...]

  • 10 December 2012 : Gas Producers Hope for Cold Winter
    Natural gas producers hope Americans across the country keep their homes toasty this winter. Prices must rise before earnest activity returns to the Haynesville Shale and other natural gas producing sectors. But those prices are determined by demand, and among the factors which diminished demand this year was a warm winter. “If [More...]

  • 3 December 2012 : Haynesville Relaxes on Certain Drilling Restrictions
    Gas production in Louisiana had been on a steady decline for nearly 4 decades before Haynesville wells were brought on line. The first wells targeting the Haynesville were drilled in 2007 and within 3 years gas production in the state doubled. In 2011, the Haynesville produced 1.8 tcf gas, and in [More...]

  • 28 November 2012 : Heading into Winter Months, Louisiana Natural Gas Producers Sitting on Surplus
    Natural gas producers hope Americans across the country keep their homes toasty this winter. Prices must rise before earnest activity returns to the Haynesville Shale play in northwest Louisiana and other natural gas-producing sectors. But those prices are determined by demand, and among the factors that diminished demand this year was [More...]

  • 12 November 2012 : Oil Thieves in Nigeria Significantly Disrupt Shells Output in the Country
    Shell shut its Imo River oil pipeline in Nigeria on October 31 due to damage caused by thieves and deferred 25,000 barrels per day (bpd) of production, the company's local unit said on Sunday. This latest outage will add to a growing list of production problems for Africa's biggest oil exporter. [More...]

  • 7 November 2012 : Anadarko Petroleum Rebounding in the Wake of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster
    Value investors that bought Anadarko Petroleum have proved that the old strategy of buying a good company facing one time losses can pay off. Media reports indicate that Anadarko posted a third quarter profit of 21¢ per share, or $121 million, proving that the company's core exploration business is good [More...]

  • 31 October 2012 : TransCanada: “Eastern Oil Pipeline Feasible”
    A five billion Canadian dollar (US$5 billion) project to carry Alberta oil to Eastern Canada is both technically and economically feasible, TransCanada Corp. has determined, clearing the path for the company to seek broader oil patch support for the project. The eastern option, which would involve pumping oil through long stretches [More...]

  • 29 October 2012 : According to Sources, Shell is Struggling to Repay Oil Debt to Iran
    "There have been several options examined. None has been successful," one person said. Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell's $1 billion plus debt to Iran is due to a European Union embargo that started July 1, which prevents the transfer of payments to the Islamic Republic. Shell's failure so far to find a way [More...]

  • 24 October 2012 : Cyberattack on Saudi Aramco Spurs Unrest Across Middle East
    The hackers picked the one day of the year they knew they could inflict the most damage on the world’s most valuable company, Saudi Aramco. On Aug. 15, more than 55,000 Saudi Aramco employees stayed home from work to prepare for one of Islam’s holiest nights of the year — Lailat [More...]

  • 22 October 2012 : South Korea, Controversially, Set to Begin Reimporting Iranian Oil
    South Korea's overall crude oil imports fell 2.8 percent in September from a year ago to 78.36 million barrels, or 2.6 million barrels per day (bpd), data from the state-run Korea National Oil Corp. showed on Monday. The world's fifth largest importer of crude oil, and one of Iran's biggest oil [More...]

  • 15 October 2012 : Azerbijian Increases Scrutiny Over BP-led Offshore Oil Project
    Azerbaijan’s top energy official urged further scrutiny of the international consortium developing the Caspian Sea nation’s main oil field amid mounting irritation at a slump in output. Industry and Energy Minister Natiq Aliyev said Monday that the drop-off in production over recent years at the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli project was “abnormal.” President [More...]

  • 8 October 2012 : Controversy in Iran
    Iran, the world's No. 5 oil exporter, has tightened cyber security since its uranium enrichment centrifuges were hit in 2010 by the Stuxnet computer worm, which Tehran believes was planted by Israel or the United States. Mohammad Reza Golshani, head of information technology for the Iranian Offshore Oil Company, told [More...]

  • 1 October 2012 : Latest Data: No Decline in Lower 48 Natural Gas Production
    On Friday, the Energy Information Administration released natural gas production statistics for the month of July. The report will again disappoint those analysts and industry insiders who have predicted an imminent drop off in U.S. natural gas supply in response to the dramatic decline in gas prices during the first [More...]

  • 26 September 2012 : U.S. Plans Upcoming Lease Sale for Gulf of Mexico Territories
    This past March the United States government announced that in March of 2013 it will put approximately 38 million acres in the central Gulf of Mexico on the auction block for energy explorers. The announcement was made jointly by U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Ocean Energy Management [More...]

  • 15 August 2012 : Pickens Sells Chesapeake Shares
    T. Boone Pickens sold his shares in Chesapeake Energy Corporation during the second quarter of 2012. The billionaire investor stated in May that his fund, BP Capital Management LP, would be relinquishing its stake in the natural gas-producing company. According to a regulatory filing that occurred on August 14, Pickens' [More...]

  • 15 August 2012 : U.S. Army Seeking $8 Billion in Renewable Energy Projects
    The United States Army is searching for viable renewable energy projects. On Tuesday, August 7, the Army started to accept bids to install "green energy" systems on military bases and other facilities across the country. Having a budget of approximately $7 billion for said projects, the Army will sign contracts [More...]

  • 14 August 2012 : BP Seeking Almost $8 Billion for Gulf of Mexico Oil Fields
    BP is looking to sell its Gulf of Mexico oilfields for a pre-tax price of up to $7.9 billion, following their disastrous spill in the region in 2010. The second-biggest oil producer in Europe, behind only Royal Dutch Shell, has prospective buyers interested in assets including Holstein, Horn Mountain, Ram [More...]

  • 13 August 2012 : Chesapeake’s Reserves Decrease Substantially, Cause for Concern
    Chesapeake Energy conveyed $929 million in net income on $3.4 billion in revenues. Selling its "pipeline division," Chesapeake Midstream Partners, yielded roughly $600 million in gains. Chesapeake also cleared considerable amounts of oil and gas reserves on the basis that they are "not economically recoverable at current commodities prices." These [More...]

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